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Wissbrun and Lakritz, P.C. and our predecessor firm have been serving clients for over 30 years. Our clients represent a cross section of small businesses and individuals. We pride ourselves in conducting in-depth interviews to determine our client’s needs and concerns, then we design comprehensive, cost efficient solutions that are completed on a timely basis. We serve clients throughout the state of Michigan including the Upper Peninsula, and Michigan based clients with personal or business interests in the State of Florida. We offer tax planning, business planning, and estate planning to individuals and small business owners.

Primary Practice Areas

Estate Planning

The objective of Estate Planning is the orderly distribution of inherited assets. It is accomplished with a variety of documents… Learn More

Probate & Estate Administration

Probate is the orderly distribution of the decedent’s assets that are titled in the sole name of the deceased individual… Learn More

Retirement Planning

We have extensive experience in preparing Profit Sharing Plans and 401(k) Plans for our clients. We have spent years developing … Learn More

Business Planning

The objective of Business Planning is the orderly management of various business entities. We accomplish the goal of business… Learn More

Business Acquisitions & Sales

Representing purchasers and sellers of businesses requires the understanding of the business. It also requires the understanding… Learn More

Tax Planning

The purpose of Tax Planning is to minimize our client’s business tax, personal income tax, corporate tax, estate tax, gift tax… Learn More