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Free Consultation

-Initial Review and Consultation

Please contact us by phone, or e-mail to schedule an appointment. You will be asked to bring documents that will assist us in discussing your legal issue(s). There is no charge for this initial consultation.

If you would like us to represent you and we agree, we will enter into a written Retainer Agreement. The Retainer Agreement lists the services that will be provided, the billing procedure in regard to your legal matter, and the retainer amount for the legal services to be provided which will be deposited in our Client Security Account. Legal fees will be drawn against this account and you will be provided with a monthly statement showing the services rendered and the amount subtracted from the account for services on an hourly fee basis. If the services are to be billed on a flat fee basis, we will require a portion of the flat fee that will remain in the Client Security Account until the legal services are completed.